Douglass Truth
Writer, painter, performer.
Never met a color he didn't like.
Grew up in the Midwest.
Claims not to have a twin sister.


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Aram Larsen
Aram paints all the time.

Lil McGill

Native Californian Lil McGill is a painter and poet. Her ethereal abstracts, dreamscapes, studies and explorations of pure color and mood are inspired by Frankenthaler, Jenkins and Rothko, but have a style and energy uniquely their own.


Heather Valencia
Heather Valencia is a painter, writer, and dreaming woman in the Yaqui tradition.

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Jimmi Accardi

Jimmi Accardi is an artist of many different moods and styles as well as art forms which include music, theatre, film and works on paper. He has worked professionally as a songwriter, composer, and recording artist.

In his own words, "Art is the magical language that transcends all communication barriers."


Mark Einert

Sculptor, photographer, glass blower
Shadow, texture, form
Boulder, Nevada City, Earth


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